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* On-Site shredding at your facility, under your supervision if desired, for Maximum Security – no middlemen or sorting assembly lines at central off-site facilities.

* All equipment is “Fully Automated and HANDS FREE”. Our operators never touch or look at your individual confidential documents during the shredding process.

* Secure, Efficient, Simple and Cost Effective shredding of your confidential and sensitive documents and media.

* More economical than using in-house shredders. No need to purchase and maintain small in-house shredders. Our service keeps your employees doing productive, job-related tasks instead of wasting time feeding five pages at a time into a small shredder – saving you in labor costs.

* Our State-Of-The-Art mobile equipment shreds up to, and exceeding, 6500lbs per hour. More than six times faster than our leading competitor – TIME IS MONEY!

* You have the ability to witness, if desired, the destruction of your media on our closed circuit TV monitor. A DVD of the destruction of your records is available as an option

* A Certificate of Destruction (COD) will be provided with each service. This COD will provide you a record of the destruction.

* No need to remove staples, paper clips, binder clips or accu-fasteners – saving you time and labor.

* We provide, at no charge, “locked security consoles/containers”, to our regularly scheduled customers for you to keep your obsolete documents secure in-between shredding.

* We offer flat service fees, not by-the-minute charges. We don’t think it’s fair for you to be charged from the minute we enter your parking lot until the minute we leave…including the time it takes to write up any paperwork, consult with you, or collect the materials from the consoles/containers.

Our Fully Automated Shredding Process:


All your sensitive and confidential documents are placed in our HVCs (High Volume Containers), then rolled up to our state-of-the-art Pierce and Tear shredder. This shreds your paper at rates up to, and exceeding, 6500lbs per hour.


The HVC is attached to the fully automated Rail Lift System which picks up the HVC. This eliminates the need for our operators to touch any of your sensitive and confidential documents. Ask our competitors how they place your paper into their shredder. Then ask why you’re shredding your documents in the first place.


The HVC is then lifted up the Rail on it’s way to dumping its contents. The operator is looking at the exterior LCD monitor (inside the orange shield) which allows the operator to view the shredding process. Customers are also encouraged to view this shredding process if they desire.


The HVC continues it’s journey up the Rail Lift System, while the hood moves to protect the contents of the HVC from wind, rain, snow and other weather events. 


When the HVC reaches the top of the Rail, the contents are emptied into our conveyorized Automated feed System. The feed system delivers material to the shredder head at an angle optimum for a quality shred. Competitive mobile document shredders lack this key component.